Thirteenth Latin American Workshop on New Methods of Reasoning 2020

Logic / Languages, Algorithms, New Methods of Reasoning


The proceedings of LANMR'20 Workshop will be published in the proceedings of LANMR Workshop in CEUR Workshop Proceedings ( that is a publication service of Sun SITE Central Europe operated under the umbrella of RWTH Aachen University with the support of Tilburg University. is recognized as a publication series by Deutsche Bibliothek, ISSN 1613-0073.

Accepted theoretical computer science papers which fulfill the requirements of (Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science) will be published in the special issue.

Previous Conference Proceedings:
LANMR'19 (lastest)
Proceedings Web page
Previous Special Issues:
  1. LANMR 2006 and LANMR 2007: Workshops by the Logic and Computation Mexican Group, Inteligencia Artificial, Vol. 13., No. 41, Año 2009. ISSN: 1988-3064 (link)
  2. LANMR 2008: Fourth Latin American Workshop on Non-Monotonic Reasoning 2008. Journal of Algorithms: Cognition Informatics and Logic, Puebla, México, 22-24 October 2008, Elsevier (link)
  3. LANMR 2012: Special Issue of Iberoamerican Journal of Artificial Intelligence, ISSN: 1988-3064 (link)
  4. LANMR 2014: Special Issue of Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science (link), and Enginerring Letters (link)
  5. LANMR 2016: Special Issue of Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science (link)