Fourteenth Latin American Workshop on New Methods of Reasoning

(LANMR 2022)

Logic / Languages, Algorithms, New Methods of Reasoning

Accepted Papers

Title Authors
An alternative definition of stable models via Lukasiewicz logic Mauricio Osorio, Aldo Figallo Orellano and Diego Huerta
Free Term Logic Tableaux José Martín Castro-Manzano
The subalgebra lattice of a finite diagonal-free two-dimensional cylindric algebra Martín Figallo and Claudia Mónica Gomes
Specifying and Verifying a Transformation of Recursive Functions into Tail-Recursive Functions. Axel Suárez Polo, José de Jesús Lavalle Martínez and Iván Molina Rebolledo
What is the meaning of this phrase: “If everything is x, nothing is x”? Rafael Félix Mora Ramirez
Fitch-style modal necessity as a substructural sequent-style system Favio E. Miranda-Perea, Ximena Estrada Zavaleta and Lourdes Del Carmen González Huesca
Interpolation in Term Functor Logic José Martín Castro-Manzano
A four-valued logic that extends the paraconsistent G'3 logic Mauricio Osorio and José Luis Carballido
Arguing from contentions: Towards a distinction between proper and improper arguments Luis Felipe Bartolo Alegre